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this is an album about traveling to outer space and becoming trapped there.


released July 23, 2014

special thanks to Pat Hogan for playing drums on this record
recorded and mixed by Gary Fine



all rights reserved


The Past is Another Planet Chicago, Illinois

spacerock/shoegaze/post rock originals and covers brought to you from my chicago apartment.

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Track Name: Radio Silence
gold green rings in your eyes blur when I get too close. soft sweet notes in your voice ask when I'm coming home. But I leapt through the ceiling, shattered the atmosphere. Is this what you want to hear? that I slept through your breathing, kept all our broken plans and carried them with me to space. and you called out my name, but I had no time to explain to you why I would be leaving. I wish you'd believe in me. All that you do here all that you see here when you leave here, it should stay here.
Track Name: In Real Time
I've always got time

I told you I did.
Track Name: Receipt of Transmission
I hope you receive this transmission
though I'm scared of what I'm gonna say
I fear since it's just a recording
that my words will not carry the same weight

I wish you could see my reflection
the same way that I do each day
I've never been quite sure of what I'm looking for
but I know when I find it I'll stay

I know when I find you I'll stay
Track Name: All I Can Do
floating in silence the airlock has ceased to perform. now the oxygen is lost and gone away. it comes to me now in the moments between sleep and certain death. as the pressure builds, as the airwaves collapse our code will fail me and I'm afraid. you'll never know.

I'm being honest with you
it's all I can do, I swear it's the truth. you're all I can lose.